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Assalamualaikum.. dear viewers!!!! long time no see maaaa!!!!
HAHAHA... sorry for delaying the publishing of this post!! :P.... well, some inconveniences makes me sceptical to continue drawing :P...
but its okay now... problem solved :)..
ehem.. this post related to the the previous post :)

one of the characteristics of "the law of time and space" is everything in the universe must have an origin/begining.... but Prof Stephen W.Hawkings states that, the universe form by the "bigbang" (NOT THE KOREAN BAND!!), but he also said that the bigbang happens spontaneously.. so IGNORE HIM...hahaha! how come a BIGBANG just happens like that? derrrrr.....

and the universe is finite, (u may google it it you still sceptical).. FINITE means that there is an END for this universe.. so, can u imagine a "wall" without anything behind it? even a particle?..
so the conclusion is there are SOMETHING beyond our universe (quran and sunnah said that there are 7 layers of sky) and Allah are in the 7th layer... thats ALL :)... dont make it complicated for you..

islam is easy...

btw, i use "are" for Allah to show that He is Almighty :)


  1. good enough dude~ :)
    may ALLAH bless u..ameen~

  2. nice drawing,keep up the good job..
    spread the kindness and right things towards youngsters :)
    *may Allah bless u

  3. what the answer if ur question asked to the men who are build a huge Buddha, hindu, or any religious statue?


  4. mcm penah dgr sape penah sebot bende ne....

  5. yup... for the "fingers example" its is an idea form imam al-ghazali, if i were not mistaken..

  6. best explanation i ever heard!!!

  7. :D.. wow thanks!!!.. btw. yg "lima jari" tu cara imam al-ghazali gunakan :).. teme nk hidupkan balik buah fikiran beliau :)

  8. #correction: yg 5 jri tu imam hanafi gunakan...apepun,mmg style!

  9. ada ke di dalam Al Quran cakap langit ada 7 lapis DAN ALLAH berada di langit ke-7? Sila jelaskan. Maaf saya tak hafal Quran.

    1. okay :).. camni..

      Allah yang Maha Pemurah bersemayam di atas ‘Arsy.” (Thaha:5).

      dari Ibnu Abi 'Ashim, Nabi Muhammad bersabda: “Sesungguhnya ‘Arsy sebelumnya berada di atas air. Setelah Allah menciptakan langit (ke-7), ‘Arsy itu ditempatkan di langit yg ke-7. Dia jadikan awan sebagai saringan untuk hujan. Apabila tidak dijadikan seperti itu, tentu bumi akan tenggelam terendam air.”


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