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a debate against AMERICAN

Assalamualaikum.. :D

  • i'm not encouraging u to hate them or to cause a war...
  • i'm not talking about who is winning this argument...
  • i'm not trying to win the muslims or vice versa...
  • i'm talking about humanity...
  • i'm trying to show you multiples perspectives of the meaning of TERRORISM..

a doodle of a scene in a movie... just take a minute to read through it... :)

inspired from a movie

no need to ask for permission...
share it if u think muslims should realize, alert and open their eyes about this PERSPECTIVE..
i'm tired of hearing my friends being oppressed....


  1. xpayah gtau nama movie die kot...
    mcm promot je....
    cite tu lg byk hodoh drpd yg elok...
    btw...good work

  2. perghh. hebat teme. teruskan dakwah! we olwes b with u okkkay

  3. i like...hehehe

  4. very niceee~~
    cam ad pengalaman je.. bagus3..
    i like :)

  5. ni based on movie ape?

  6. sblom ni teme dh lletak name movie tu...
    tp rasenye xperlu ltak kot.. sbb overall movie tu mmg biased kpd kafir..:)

    i'll draw till the last drop of ink..

  7. YEAHHHH!!!!
    pakai pen..... =.="

  8. kurbaan?? the hindi/tamil movie?? cool~

  9. kita kena kaji jugak berapa banyak Allah guna perkataan 'perang' dalam al-Qur'an? sebab jihad x hanya bermaksud perang.

    9/11 tu creation dorang jugak. or should I be specific.. the Jews?? sebab xde sorang Jews pon yg mati dalam insiden tu. x rasa pelik ke??

    history is repeated itself...don't you think? sebab dari dulu lagi musuh2 Islam akan cuba hapuskan Islam??


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