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Positive Thinking "husnu dzon"

this is one of my final post (bukan final)... sebelum teme masuk 2nd semester... so lepas nie post tak sekerap selalu :)... i need time to focus on study :)..

*they're talking about teme's hand on previous picture

obviously positive thinking is more "peace"

same things happend on teme's blog.. click the image for larger view..

jgn serabutkan minda anda dgn sangkaan negatif :).. take it easy dude!!

try positive thinking on "majority" of the situations around you...
somehow, u need to accept the "bad things" that happened around you.. example, if someone smokes, FORBID him! don't just simply use "positive thought" and jump with the conclusion "its okay if he smokes... he is trying to make more clouds in our atmosphere"....NO!!

POSITIVE THINKING (husnu dzon) is the way of peaceful life....


  1. wahhhh, menarik2x...it is true and really2x true...negative thinking memeningkan kepala

  2. NICE :D Bukan senang nak jadi positive thinker ni (: Haih

  3. hmm..anggaplah itu sebagai komen membina untuk terus berkarya..betul, with drawings, it make us understand better..keep it up!

  4. giler dahsyat org yg komen kau tu .

  5. nice.. i understood ur message perfectly (perhaps)
    be cool teme...

    org yg jealous kt kita mmg banyak.. tp refer kpd ape yg teme ckp... just think positive :)

    penyakit org msia camtulah.. xleh tgk kawan sendiri berjaya, walaupn sahabat sndiri :)

  6. 'its okay if he smokes... he is trying to make more clouds in our atmosphere' Ayat tu memang lawak habis! Think positive :)


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